How mobile are you?

Nowadays, whole world is on the move. Everyone is seeking for a solution that optimize efficiency of work for helping them anytime, anywhere.

Who’s prefer to updated work on mobile instead behind the desk at office all day long? At least to keep update with company business.

Ring a bell?


Now there’s solution with easy process for develop enterprise mobility app, and good news is the deployment time pretty fast and no need coding process / code-less.

They are eMOBIQ & iSTAMPZ. In short, eMOBIQ powerful enterprise mobility apps development platform with 0 coding, design in friendly manner without programming will boost ERP value. And it will be integrated with iSTAMPZ for digital company authentication that containing date, time and GPS coordinates of the user with unique ID supported by NFC technology. Both are suit for all platform and connect with back-end system.

Well, whoever said “easier said than done” – need to adjust it for some cases. For these one, it’s easier to show you thru demo than have to describe it by words. Trust me it will not waste your time to get to know more.

Is it sounds something excited you? Or need to get more further info, shoot an email at and see what will happen for the next ERP business.

See you around!



When the last time you check your mobile? one minute or one hour ago?



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