Game of Thrones message for ERP Business

Have you watched the GoT S6 Finale Season? Ok, no spoiler for GoT here.

But to learn from  GoT strategy, we need to keep aware because winner not always win.

It also applied in business, market leader not always win market. Good news is hey everybody can be a winner and lead market. But bad news is everybody can be a loser either.

So what will happen for next ERP business?

No finale here. We need strategy just like Game of Thrones battle to win market.

Hard work without strategy is close with time wasted and lost in business battle.

Check market strategy now.


We can start from finding out what people need. Nowadays who will not use mobile for keep update with everything? Have you prepared business solution on mobile?

Introduce eMOBIQ & iSTAMPZ for enterprise mobility solution. Both solution are integrated and able to resolves various industry gap and workflow. It will boost ERP value to win market demand!

In short, eMOBIQ powerful enterprise mobility apps development platform with zero coding, design in friendly manner without programming will boost ERP value. And it will integrated with iSTAMPZ for digital company authentication using NFC technology that containing date, time and GPS coordinates of the user with unique ID.

For spoiler more about eMOBIQ & iSTAMPZ, go send an email to and you’ll get free demo to understand more about how it works for business.

Credit images: Wikipedia; Eran Mendell; Playbuzz, Viralblog




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