Do you have plan to visit WPC 2016?

This year Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference a.k.a WPC 2016  will be held in Toronto, Canada 10 – 14 July 2016.

So if the answer is YES i will go to WPC 2016 / maybe yes /or why not…  Let’s share some bucket-list during the event. This is my version, how about you?

1. Find the good coffee


Because coffee is always a good idea, why not started from this magic things.

Have a plan to meet someone over the coffee? Or simply for have a rest awhile after get the sh*t done? Make sure you’ll find the good spot and better luck with good coffee to kick the plans.

2. Find new name cards


What’s the point going to business conference if at the time you’ll be back at home without new name cards in hand. By name cards i mean for new colleague, new person you meet there, new opportunity for business, and new partner for grow the network.

3. Find Mobility Solution


It’s time to find new partner that can be solution for your business too. Why mobile? Because everybody on the move now. Whatever they do, wherever they go, people always bring mobile. It’s not only on WPC session but also applied for daily life, daily task, and daily business for enterprise. We need solution for boost up business values as well. Mobility solution can be the answered for the questions. Have you prepared mobility solution for boost up your business value? It sure will help for saving time, cut off cost, reduce fraud and will be the next big things for company business.

4. Find selected booth

We can get connected with each other. Walk and pass to exhibitor booth is one of way to see what’s up in these industry and meet the opportunity to explore new business.

Please do share if readers here have booth on WPC 2016 or who and what you want to meet there.

Me? I’ll share booth map from OrangeKloud with eMOBIQ and iSTAMPZ as the service names. Their so called as enterprise mobility solution will explain better thru demo when you can catch up on booth #1800 or try to make appointment in advance by drop an email to

WPC_10x10 Back Wall Graphic Panel Template-rgb-01

map wpc finale 2016

Keep the map, then add it on your bucket-list for WPC 2016 and see what will happen for the next.


See you on the conference floor!


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